Indian Wedding Photoshoot

Indian Wedding Photoshoot: Why You Will Need Both A Photographer And Videographer

When it comes to an Indian wedding photoshoot and an Indian wedding in general, it is best practice to have both a photographer and a videographer. As many people know, Indian weddings are not like any other weddings around the world. They are lavish, multi-day affairs that have tons of friends, family, food, drinks and dancing, along with traditional ceremonies throughout. This means there will need to be people covering many aspects of the event from many angles, both as photographers and videographers. And as we all know better than ever in today’s media driven society, photos can make an event feel one way, while video can convey something entirely different.


So when hiring a photographer and videographer for an Indian wedding, there are a number of things that should be kept in mind. First, have they shot an Indian wedding before? While it is important for both of them to have had that experience, the photographer must have it, as they will be shooting the majority of the time and will be what most of those attending and following from afar will see. Make sure this is the case before hiring someone in these roles and see samples of their past work to make sure it is acceptable. Next, have a conversation with these prospective photographers and videographers to see how they operate during an event and if they are people you can work with. They need to be able to take advice and direction, while also only having to be told once, as you will have many other more important things to focus on during the wedding itself. Once you are satisfied they can do a good job and won’t be a liability at the event, hire the very best one you can afford.